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My Plan for American Renewal


My Plan for American Renewal

The Republican Party must evolve into a multiethnic and working-class coalition ready to fight for the country, ushering in a new American Century.

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It was not my intention to become a senator of the United States. In 2009, the bipartisan political establishment made this clear. While our country has evolved a lot over the past decade, one thing has remained constant: the establishment is more interested preserving power than in making life better for most Americans. 

All around us is evidence of this. Republicans and Democrats protect Wall Street from commonsense tax policies, for example. Both parties sided last month with Warren Buffet over rail workers. Both are happy to run scorched-earth campaigns that enrich consultants and torment the fabric of our communities. America has been pushed to the edge by decades of decadence and incompetence. America has been pushed to the brink by its incompetence and decadence. 

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