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My Non-Boosted Bout With COVID – RedState


Look, here’s the deal folks, God’s truth, man…I was a believer in the COVID porn of 2020. I was in.

In May of 2020, I had an appointment with a MD. When I got home, my wife made me go to the side-gate and wait at the back door. I was told to strip and walk to the shower, as my wife avoided me like I was radioactive. We have lots of bushes blocking the neighbors from getting a view of me naked, so that was nice.

We washed grocery bags. Sanitized everything. Then I watched LA County deputies arresting people in parks and on beaches, and even arresting a paddle-boarder on the open ocean. They filled in skate parks with tons of sand, then the light went on. ‘Well that’s nonsense.” Like so many others, I started to read and research.

More information made it through the media and Fauci BS filters, and I started to call BS on my own. Although I (reluctantly) got the first two shots in early 2021, I did so at the insistence of my family. My wife’s parents live close, and we see them constantly. I didn’t want to deal with the likely blowback, but the concept that I would get boosted, then boost the booster, then boost again was never going to happen. Did I think I was going to eventually contract COVID? Yes. The legitimate research available to anyone was that, unless you crawled into a bubble for the rest of your life, you’re going to get a COVID variant.

In June, I suffered a significant back injury and I was still recovering when, at 3 a.m. on the Sunday of the July 4th weekend, I discovered that my wife wasn’t in bed. I found her on the couch. She announced that she thought she had COVID. She did, and I tested positive the next day.

I was concerned because of my back; I am still recovering, and I thought that COVID would set me back significantly. For the next three days, I was “sick”: Body-aches, headache, a temperature for one day, and that was it. I was over it. For me, it was a cold. For others it will be different, but I am not “afraid” of COVID.

I’m sick of being lied to.I think wearing cloth masks is stupid theater. I doubt that the two shots I submitted to in May of last year had any effect. Maybe they did, but I will not get a booster for a variant for which I now have natural immunity. If the inevitable new variant hits, I’ll take my chances, thank you.

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