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Ms. Molly Jong-Fast and the case of Trump’s cruel border wall, i.e., illegal behavior deterrent – twitchy.com


Ms. Molly Jong-Fast would like the world to know deterrents are cruel.

That’s right, deterrents:  de·ter·rent /dəˈtərənt/ noun – a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something.

Something like, I don’t know, entering a country illegally.

She must be joking, right? Can we all agree that climbing the fence is an optional and voluntary act?

Please excuse the sensible crowd if we fail to muster the appropriate sympathy, for what now?

Molly and her crew are onto Trump’s cruel border wall.

Oh, wretched world where people suffer the consequence of their choices.

Tell us the availability of treatment is not compassion.

Too bad intelligence can not be enhanced during a free urgent care visit.

Maybe the wall isn’t deterrent enough. If you really cared about the safety of these criminals, you would encourage them to stop trying to enter the country illegally for their own safety.  Stop inviting people to our borders. Stop telling immigrants that our resources are endless and existing laws will not be enforced.

Or, discount their humanity completely and compare them to birds being shredded by windmills?

Excellent point, if one believes immigrants are incapable of perceiving the risk posed by scaling a 30ft wall intended to stop illegal border crossings.

Perhaps a better approach would be to install an impassable border wall, one that even morons would not dare attempt to cross.

Joking aside, if cruelty were the point a deterrent wouldn’t be the approach at our borders. What Molly and friends are really saying is that it’s cruel to attempt to control our borders. It isn’t nice to attempt to track who is entering. It is vicious to provide barriers to entry to this great nation that the left wishes to progressively mold into something entirely different … but that’s another story?

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