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Mom takes the CDC and their original COVID restrictions APART reminding them what they did to Americans to ‘protect us’ in SAVAGE thread – twitchy.com


Many of us will never forgive the CDC. Never.

This thread though, from ‘politicallyhomelesstoo’, really and truly spells out what people and families went through while the CDC put in place the most ridiculous restrictions ever for a virus that nearly 99% of all Americans survived. And now that they’ve loosened those restrictions even though people are still dying? Yeah … their motives are more suspect than ever.

Take a gander:

Awww yes, the CDC created a whole new level of paranoia and bigotry.

Keep going.

Oh, this editor kept a list of any and all places of business that discriminated against people who weren’t vaccinated or masked.


Wanna bet those friends caught COVID anyway?

No words.

#PoliticalScience maybe.

Eff them.

Biden’s America.

We all knew this all along, but if we pushed this we were called conspiracy theorists, shut out of groups, shunned by friends, and silenced on social media. It was all about an election, it was all about control …

Never let them forget.



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