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Mom enters middle school and confronts, grabs her daughter's alleged bully, cops say — a 12-year-old girl. Mom is now facing charges of assault.


Police said a Maryland mother entered a middle school earlier this week then confronted and grabbed the arm of her daughter’s alleged bully — a 12-year-old girl. The mother in question has been charged with assault.

What about the details?

WBAL-TV reported that staff at Aberdeen Middle School allowed 41-year-old Kelly Sadik to enter the building via an outside intercom around 8:15 AM Tuesday.

But instead of going to the office, police told WBAL that Sadik — accompanied by her child — broke rules by going to the seventh-grade area of the school where the mom confronted a 12-year-old girl over alleged harassment of her daughter, after which a verbal confrontation escalated.

WJZ-TV was told by police that Sadik claimed the girl bullied her daughter.

“At that moment, the student tried turn and walk away,” Sergeant. WBAL was told by Jason Neidig from Aberdeen Police Department. “And the parent grabbed hold of the student’s arm, leaving a pretty nice-sized red mark and bruise.”

WBAL reported that WBAL officials also said that WBAL teachers saw what was happening and intervened immediately.

WBAL stated that Sadik was accused of second-degree assault, and trespassing. WJZ said that Sadik will appear in court on May 2.

Reacts dad, grandmother of 12-year old girl

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