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McNally’s Encouraging Habit


McNally’s Encouraging Habit

Tennessee’s lieutenant governor says flirtatious Instagram comments are meant to be supportive.

(Randy McNally/Twitter)

Tennessee’s lieutenant governor is exposed. 

Last week, reports claimed that Republican Randy McNally used his official Instagram account in order to comment on sexually explicit Instagram posts by a former Tennessean gay man. Franklin McClure, previously one of McNally’s constituents and apparently also a cross-dresser, has assured media outlets there was nothing nefarious between him and the lieutenant governor—just some nice, friendly fire emojis posted on photos of the young man’s barely-clad backside. 

It’s one of those rare instances in which a corner of the world of politics is laid uncomfortably bare. It is a hypocritical act that has left many commentators, particularly those of the left-leaning type, bursting with laughter. In truth, they couldn’t have created a better example if they had tried: An old, white, male Republican, in a deep red Southern state, has been…

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