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‘Lord Maple Leaf’ trends as @3YearLetterman schools Canadian professor (Dr. Syrup) who has ‘zero SEC championships’ – twitchy.com


This gem of a Twitter tale actually began on Sunday, when everyone’s favorite youth football coaching legend @3YearLetterman took time out of his busy day to helpfully educate Amir Attaran. Attaran, as Twitchy readers know, is the American and Canadian professor who decided to snap pictures of a maskless flight attendant and blast them from his Twitter account.

He seemed rather upset about the situation:

Three Year Letterman provided this diplomatic reply:

A solid argument, yet one the professor could not resist refuting:

Can’t argue with the facts!

And there it is … Lord Maple Leaf.

As an added bonus, Keith Olbermann felt the need to weigh in (on the wrong side of things, of course):

Crackerface? K.

Coach was kind enough to sum up the situation with the following thread:

So long, Lord Maple Leaf.

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