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LIVE NOW: Good Morning NTD (Mar. 6): Former President Trump Outlines 2024 Presidential Run Agenda; Protests Turn Violent In Atlanta


The agenda for Trump’s presidential campaign at C-PAC was laid out by the former President Trump over the weekend. Find out what he says he’ll do, if he wins in 20-24.
On March 1, protests in Atlanta, Georgia turned violent 5. Police believe that agitators from a Music Festival changed into black clothing and began firing fireworks and bricks at them. We have the details.
The news is back about Ohio and Norfolk Southern. Not in a good way. There was another train derailment there this weekend.
This episode covers the following topics:
1. 35 Arrested at ‘Cop City’ Protest in Atlanta, GA
2. Maryland: Overturned tanker truck explodes
3. Another Norfolk

Southern Train Derails Ohio
4. Southwest Flight Flight Is Hit by Bird Strike.
5. CPAC 2023: Former President Trump
6. CPAC Screening of ‘The Shadow State’ Documentary
7. Conservatives tackle Education at CPAC
8. Police used fake Cocaine to bust drug ring
9. Ex-President of Ecuador Charged with Bribery
10. The Cold North is Too Cold for EV Travel
11. Djokovic withdraws from Indian Wells in the midst of a row over US visas
12. Study: Keto diet may be linked to heart disease
13. Do you need a Lenten Fish Fry recipe?
14. Alaska’s Iditarod 2023…

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