Home News Kenosha Legalizes Backyard Chickens—With Plenty of Red Tape

Kenosha Legalizes Backyard Chickens—With Plenty of Red Tape


The Kenosha city council voted this week to allow backyard chicken raising. People who love fresh eggs and a little freedom voted for the move.

Kellie MacKay from the council stated that people should be allowed to choose whether or not they want chickens. Reported by The Kenosha News. “Let them do what they love.”

Many aspects of the lifestyle of backyard chicken farmers are important to them. My 2016 book explains that backyard chicken farmers are passionate about many aspects of their lifestyle. We should all eat from the hands that feed us: How many smarter laws would make our food system more sustainable?.

The Kenosha vote to legalize backyard chickens was a positive step for those who want year-round fresh eggs at home. However, there are many restrictions in the new ordinance that could hinder ownership or pit neighbors against one another. To raise chickens, residents must first apply to the…

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