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Kamala Harris and cohorts attempt to blur the meaning of actual terrorism in gross rhetoric comparing 9/11 attack to 1/6 protest – twitchy.com


The anniversary of 9/11 is a day to remember the terrorist acts that impacted the lives of every American. This is a day to set aside political differences and Unite as Americans who are grateful for our freedoms, and mindful of how precious and vulnerable they truly are.  Well it could be, but voices from the Left seem determined to use the moment to advance partisan agenda.  Let us not forget that on the anniversary of January 6th, Kamala Harris drew the comparison of the events that occurred after President Biden’s inauguration to the actual terrorism that Americans were subjected to on September 11th.

Kamala isn’t the only one who would like to convince everyone that outraged Trump supporters who stormed the capitol in an unorganized and unruly fashion on 1/6 were every bit as hateful and violent as the terrorists who hi-jacked multiple airplanes, crashed into the Twin Towers, struck the Pentagon, in a well-orchestrated effort that directly resulted in the tragic deaths of thousands of Americans.  Sounds a lot like some idiot in a buffalo headdress running amok in the US Capitol building, right? To be fair though, some dude did steal a podium.

Not only is the extraordinary rhetoric not questioned, it is evidently embraced, as most Leftist concocted narratives are.  Yeah, they’re going with it.

Not to detract from denouncing actual home-grown terrorism and violence and destruction of any kind, What a way to spurn the importance of remembering the actual threat to our freedoms though. The tragic losses that 9/11 brought, and all of the resilience and temporary unity that followed can not be overshadowed by insistent gas lighting.

The Left is trying so hard to forget what it was like to experience actual terrorism. Many Americans, however, have no problem remembering and are well aware of the differences.

So much for setting aside political differences to mourn the tragic losses of September 11th as a nation of Americans who value their freedoms and unite in the sort of determined resilience that will result in maintaining and strengthening a country that stands as a beacon of liberty for future generations.  Never forget which side of the political spectrum wanted to use the memory of 9/11 to cause further division and paint their opponents in the same light as those who sought to destroy our nation and murder our citizens.

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