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Jill Filipovic calls ‘Unborn child’ an ‘Orwellian’ phrase


Writer and author Jill Filipovic posted a tweet on Tuesday in which she described “Unborn child” as an “Orwellian” phrase meant to hinder people’s ability to consider “human existence and life with necessary complexity.”

“‘Unborn child’ is another one of these Orwellian terms designed to short-circuit our ability to think and speak about human existence and life with necessary complexity; the point is to use language as a vehicle for replacing reality with right-wing orthodoxy,” Filipovic tweeted amid a lengthy thread.

One person responded to Filipovic’s post by tweeting a gif of a baby and sarcastically declaring, “Behold! A advanced-age embryo.”

Filipovic replied, “That’s a baby Jerid.”

“Here’s the thing: ‘Pro-life’ folks say an ‘unborn child’ exists from the moment of conception. A fertilized egg is a child. An ectopic pregnancy is a child. But literally no one actually believes this — including pro-lifers,” Filipovic tweeted.

“Half of fertilized eggs do not implant, never form a pregnancy, and are flushed out of the body, but the pro-life movement has done nothing to save these lives. If you truly believe that a fertilized egg is a child, you’re probably going to care even a little bit about that,” she tweeted. “Do people believe that a fertilized egg is a human life? Yes. But that’s different than ‘a fertilized egg is the legal and moral equivalent of a child.’ If anyone believed a fertilized egg was a child, they’d be spending time and money saving the majority of those eggs that die,” she added.

Filipovic has previously claimed that men who have stay-at-home wives are more sexist compared to men whose wives work a job.

“More mothers at home makes for worse, more sexist men who see women as mommies and helpmeets. Men with stay-at-home wives are more sexist than men with working wives; they don’t assess women’s workplace contributions [fairly]; and they are less likely to hire and promote women,” she tweeted earlier this year.

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