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Is Justice Blind? When Democrats Are in Charge, She Is Blind, Deaf, and Dumb – RedState


Justice is blind. In the case of Democrats, she’s blind, deaf, and dumb.

Eric Holder never faced retribution for defying a subpoena. Hillary Clinton should have faced Lady Justice, but she never faced retribution. Her crony lawyer Michael Sussman was tried and was found not guilty. One of the jurors wondered why they had to sit and listen, because she thought there were better things to do.

None of the people who illegally demonstrated in front of Supreme Court justices’ homes were ever charged, notwithstanding that multiple state and federal laws deem it illegal.

Stephen Colbert sent a gang of jackasses to the Capitol to disrupt and disturb. They did just that. They unlawfully entered three times, and unlawfully paraded through the Capitol. They intended to disrupt and disturb. They pounded on doors and were arrested. Sound familiar? Charges were nonetheless dropped. Twelve years ago, Stephen Colbert was called as a “witness,” in character, by Democrats.

Below is a pleading from a J6 defendant, Mark Aungst. He did nothing more than enter the Capitol, walk around, and take photos. When asked to leave, he did. He was indicted and charged. He committed suicide.

Government pleading from Mark Aungst case.

A grandmother with cancer was charged with parading. She’s sitting in a jail cell.

Political hacks like the Lincoln Project and leftist media like the New York Times cannot let go of the notion that “democracy was on the brink” on J6. No it wasn’t. The New York Times laughably believes that J6 defendants who stayed within velvet ropes, armed with nothing more than cellphones and MAGA hats, were on the brink of bringing down the republic. The Times wants you to believe that Sri Lanka’s fall of government by a mob was complely peaceful because, unlike J6, there were “no weapons”.

The vast majority of those charged, are low hanging fruit. People who thought it was “cute” to take photos in the Capitol and then publish them on Facebook, our crack FBI agents swooped in and nabbed those criminal grandmas and charged them all with misdemeanors. The Justice Department demanded its pound of flesh. In the Capitol, parading? Go to prison. Ray Epps egging people on? Meh. But parade in front of a Supreme Court Justice’s home? DOJ can’t be bothered. Leftist political violence? Meh.

I am not and never have been a defender of lunatics who broke into the Capitol and destroyed property, stole property, or injured law enforcement. They deserve a prison cell. Sorry, not sorry. But when the “face” of J6 is a clown who wore a buffalo headdress and walked into the House chamber, bellowing at an imaginary moon, I’m not down with “democracy was on the brink.” He got 41 months in prison. Ray Epps? Epps got to whine to the New York Times. For the NY Times, Epps is a victim.

We have a two-tier system, when Democrats are in charge. When George Orwell wrote “Animal Farm,” it was intended as political satire. He wrote “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” It’s no longer satire.

When Democrat are in charge, all defendants are equal but some are more equal than others.

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