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Are There Any Americans Telling the Truth About The War?


This animated speculative account shows how World War III could start in Ukraine.

Take a look at this headline now leading CNN’s website:

The answer is, “Probably not, for now.” Uh-huh. We’ll see.

Did you also see the following news eight days ago?:

The Pentagon will keep several thousand American troops in southeast Romania for at least nine more months, closer to the war in neighboring Ukraine than any other U.S. Army unit, officials said on Saturday.

The sprawling Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base has been a training center for NATO forces in southeast Europe over the past year. It is located just seven minutes by rocket from the Russian settlement in Crimea. They would be the first line of defense in case Russia invades further west.

There are around 4,000 U.S. soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division who have been stationed at the air base since last summer, including small groups of troops that frequently train right on Romania’s border with Ukraine. Before that, there was a smaller contingent from the 82nd Airborne that was sent as part of a quick-response force after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

The 101st Airborne…

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