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Iran threatened the families of World Cup athletes with torture and death if they did not protest again


Iranian authorities threatened to torture and kill soccer players’ families if they protested at the World Cup games.

CNN reported that members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps met with national soccer players following their silence during the performance their national anthem in their first World Cup match against England.

This report was based upon a source who was involved in the security of the games.

According to a source, IRGC members told the players that their families might be executed or tortured if they refuse to sing the anthem or participate in protests against Iran’s regime.

Iran is witness to protests following the death of a young woman in custody by police for violating country’s religious restrictions regarding women’s clothing. Iranian women protested against government by refusing the hijab, which is a religious headdress, to be worn in public and cutting hair, both of which are violations of the dress code.

The government responded by launching a brutal crackdown against the protestors. According to human rights groups, more than 16,000 protesters were arrested. The…

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