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Interior Designer killed her stepfather because he kept nude photos from her on his computer. Prosecutors allege that he was a murder victim.


California’s interior designer and activist for butterflies is being tried for the murder of her stepfather. Prosecutors say she was trying to kill him because he kept nude pictures of her on his computer.

Jade Janks (39), and Thomas Merriman, her ex-stepfather, used to live in a house together in Solana Beach. It is located about an hour and half south of Los Angeles. Merriman had split from Janks’ mom many years back, but Janks continued his support. Merriman and Janks were both passionate about protecting the native butterfly populations. Merriman was also a co-founder of Butterfly Farms which is an organization dedicated to preventing “the declines in native butterflies” and other native pollinators.

Merriman’s health had deteriorated in recent years and he was admitted to the hospital in late 2020. Janks was cleaning his apartment while he was gone when she accidentally jarred the computer and made it wake up. Janks was allegedly able to see a nude photo of herself that Janks used as a screensaver. According to reports, Janks saw more nude images of herself when she searched the computer.

Janks took those photos consensually with her boyfriend over a decade ago. Reports claim ….

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