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In abundance and in want


In abundance and in want

Even though they didn’t reap the harvest, the Puritans thanked God for His provision.

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris’s 1621 First Thanksgiving (Public Domain).

The New York Times This is a unique way to celebrate Thanksgiving. You don’t have to share your Thanksgiving with racist relatives or eat a dish that isn’t vegan or gluten-free. Instead, take a cruise boat and sail away with friends on cocktails and tropical climates. You can also purchase cleaning duty and crazy uncles separately. It’s an amusing proposition, not least because the first Thanksgiving was, in many respects, a celebration of getting Take off A boat. 

Prior to arriving in America, the Puritan Separatists that founded Plymouth Colony 1620 had faced much hardship. These were suffering they gladly accepted in exchange for exercising their faith in God. This was a 10-year exile to Holland during which their children were influenced strongly by the secular country. Another…

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