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'I'm of Puerto Rican descent and I find it offensive': Democrats seek to ban government use of 'Latinx' in Connecticut


Five Democratic state legislators are proposing a bill to prohibit the Connecticut government’s use of the controversial term “Latinx”, in official communications and forms.

According to the text, this measure would “prohibit state agencies or state employees on behalf of state agencies from using the word ‘Latinx” on any official communications or forms.

According to the Associated Press Geraldo Reyes Jr., Democratic state Rep. has described Latinx as a “woke term”. “I am Puerto Rican and find it offensive.

Arkansas Governor. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R), signed an executive to delete the term wherever it appears in state documents. She will replace it with Hispanic Latino/Latina. The order stated that one cannot remove the gender of Spanish or other romance languages any more than one can remove vowels from English.

CT Insider reported Reyes saying that he believed Sanders had “other motives” to prohibit the term.

According to CT Insider, Reyes stated that “This has been offensive to all Puerto Ricans and it hasn’t stood well with many people here for quite some time.” “When I discovered that Arkansas Gov. [Sanders]…

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