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Horowitz: Why is there such a silence from the feds and media about the Ohio burning of toxic vinyl chloride in Ohio?


A mushroom cloud of potentially toxic gases was intentionally burned on February 6th with the blessing from our government. It was placed over East Palestine, Ohio. This could be the worst environmental disaster in American history. Three days following the derailment of a Norfolk Southern Railway train transporting five tanker cars containing 1 million pounds of liquid Vinyl chloride, along with other chemicals and materials by rail, the controlled burn took place. The decision to burn the chemicals – if not conclusively wrong – is certainly controversial, and its fallout is definitely concerning. Why is this story not even in the public consciousness a week later? As if it were the 1700s? Where are the highest-ranking federal officials?

Here’s what we know so far:

  • A train of 50 cars carrying liquid vinyl chloride, including from Madison, Illinois, through Conway, Pennsylvania on February 3rd, was derailment. It sparked a massive fire that forced evacuations within a mile radius of the East Palestine location. The effort was organized by the Ohio National Guard. Violon chloride is a deadly carcinogen ….. Five of the 20 cars contained hazardous materials.

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