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Honey, just take the L! Brianna Wu calling for Matt Walsh’s suspension for speaking out against children’s ‘trans health programs’ goes SO wrong


You guys remember Brianna Wu, right? She once claimed the military would try and somehow utilize the moon so they could go up there and drop giant rocks on our enemies.

No, we’re not making that up.

Yay social media!

Welp, it would appear she doesn’t like it when Matt Walsh calls out children’s hospitals like Boston Children’s for offering trans programs for CHILDREN. She went on to call for his Twitter suspension and even accused him of inciting violence.

Hey, at least Matt isn’t trying to buy the moon so he can drop rocks on his enemies and stuff.

Guess how this went over for Wu:

We’re seeing this a lot from our friends on the Left, implying that people on the Right are dangerous if they’re not silenced. How very authoritarian of them all, don’t you think?

Pretty standard for Wu.

Honestly, we’re shocked she hasn’t blocked him already.

Free speech is very important to Wu, but only speech she agrees with.




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