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Here’s a tweet about a well-regulated militia and the ‘AR-15 automatic bullet machine’ – twitchy.com


As Twitchy reported, the Associated Press recently sent out some guidance to its reporters on “assault weapons” that explained the difference between automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons. Reporters were even discouraged from using the term “assault weapon” as it didn’t have a clear definition.

We’ve done two or three posts already today about the AR-15 super-weapon that can, with just one round, leave an exit wound a foot wide, explode skulls on impact, vaporize bone, liquefy tissue, decapitate adults, and more. They’re useless for hunting because the deer will just explode into bone and fur. It’s been called the AR-15 “war weapon” by those who want to ban it.

Here’s another one: Tristan Snell, an attorney, refers to it as “an AR-15 automatic bullet machine.” If it were an automatic bullet machine, you wouldn’t even need anyone there to fire it — it would just start spraying bullets whenever children were around.

Snell’s a lawyer, so he’d know the meaning of “well-regulated militia.” If that’s the case, does he want only government-run militias to have such powerful super-weapons?

Fortunately, not all lawyers just flat-out ignore the second half of the Second Amendment.


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