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Trump is Her Name. That Makes Her an ‘Elevated Risk,’ According to Trinity University


Cherise Trump is used answering questions about her family history. As the executive director of Speech First, a nonprofit that defends the First Amendment rights of college students, Trump has been answering them ever since she took her husband’s surname in 2017.

“People ask everyday if I’m related to the former president,” she told the Washington Free Beacon. She isn’t, as a quick Google search will reveal. Trump claimed that in almost two years of speaking on college campuses she has never been protested, or even yelled down because of a case mistaken identity.

One liberal arts school now wants her to get event insurance before she can set foot on campus. It cites her name as security threat.

When Young Conservatives of Texas asked Trump to speak at Trinity University this month, the school’s director of risk management, Jennifer Adamo, warned about the possibility of “disruption.” She warned student organizers that there was an “elevated threat” to the talk, in an email sent February 20, because “others could mistakenly believe Cherise Trump is related.”

Speech First was requested by Speech First to purchase special liability coverage ahead of the event which is set for March 3.


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