Home World GOP lawmaker announces 'anti-woke caucus' to combat America's 'greatest domestic threat'

GOP lawmaker announces 'anti-woke caucus' to combat America's 'greatest domestic threat'


Rep. Jim Banks from Indiana announced his intention to create an anti-woke caucus.

A piece by the Republican lawmaker was written in which he addressed the problem of woke ideologies corrupting U.S. institutional institutions.

“I will host regular meetings with anti-woke legislators, and subject-matter specialists. Banks stated that his goal was to help himself and others better understand the long tentacles and funding sources of the wokeness regime. “House Republicans need to address the greatest domestic threat facing America today. “The anti-woke caucus can help us make the most of our majority.”

“An anti-woke caucus will be formed with members of the Appropriations Energy and Commerce and Judiciary Committees to propose amendments that defund or expose wokeness at NIH, Justice Department and all other federal agencies. Banks stated that any bill that funds leftist activities with taxpayer dollars should not be considered for committee without a vote recorded on an amendment to defund wakeness.

Christopher Rufo, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and researcher, offered to help the caucus with its research and…

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