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Girl Scouts Competitor on “Trans” Agenda: God “Created Men and Women Differently”


Girl Scouts Competitor on “Trans” Agenda: God “Created Men and Women Differently”

Girl Scouts Competitor on “Trans” Agenda: God “Created Men and Women Differently”

“Male and female He created them,” Genesis tells us. It’s news so old — nay, timeless — that we don’t even call it history. But with sexual devolutionaries calling it myth and saying “sex” is “gender” and “gender” is fluid, it’s necessary to point out that this news is fact — and one organization has boldly done just that.

“As Christians, we must engage in this debate and end it once and for all, at least in our minds,” Patti Garibay, founder and executive director of American Heritage Girls [AHG], wrote in a press release distributed to media. AHG is a Girl Scouts alternative formed after the latter began embracing corruptive, hard-left, anti-American policies.

“Despite what society is saying … Scripture is clear: There is a difference between male and female, and it is worth celebrating,” Garibay continued.

It’s worth adding that biology is likewise clear: “Male” and “female” constitute a basic division in nature, with their profound non-reproductive differences known as “sexual dimorphism.” This Bible-biology congruence is not surprising: As Pope John Paul II once pointed out, there is no disagreement between good faith and good science.

Breitbart further reports on the AHG statement, writing:

“Scripture defines the true nature of a woman: relational, nurturing, vulnerable, with a love for beauty and a desire to respond,” Garibay said. “God-given femininity is a gift that, when freely accepted, will bless a woman throughout her life.”

“We believe that biblical femininity is the core essence of every woman, purposefully designed by God,” Garibay said. “He has created men and women differently on purpose.” 

“Today, at a time when some attempt to put masculinity and femininity on a spectrum, AHG proudly stands up for God-anointed, God-driven femininity,” the press release said.

Breitbart then points out that in contrast, the Girl Scouts kowtowed to the pseudo-elites and agreed in 2015 to accept as members boys who claim they’re girls. “‘Our position is not new,’ said Andrea Bastiani Archibald, the Girl Scouts USA’s chief girl expert,” reported CNN at the time. “‘It conforms with our continuous commitment to inclusivity.’”

“Inclusivity” is both a buzzword and bushwa, used cynically by deceivers and believed by the deceived. Do any mainstream organizations aim to be “inclusive” of Nazis or advocates of slavery or genocide? What’s more, the Girl Scouts and other leftist groups are today intolerant of even those expressing Truth, such as pro-lifers or MAGA patriots.

Realizing that everyone draws lines — it’s just a matter of where — is important because it robs leftists of their illusory high ground. No, they’re not any more “inclusive” or tolerant than conservatives are (they’re actually less so); they’re just intolerant of different things.

CNN also pointed out that a FAQ on the Girl Scouts website stated that if a child “is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her [sic] in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.”

Moreover, Breitbart informs that now, in 2021, the Girl Scouts are actually celebrating Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS or “transgender”) scouts; Breitbart cites a piece at an Ohio Girl Scout website titled “Girl Scout Cadette Uses Her Voice to Advocate for Equal Transgender Rights” as an example.

“The article featured thirteen-year-old Sean Miller, a “transgender scout” [a boy] who was awarded the Girl Scout Bronze Award,” relates the news organ.

In contrast, Garibay and AHG stress “God-given femininity” — and for good reason. Consider: Just recently I wrote that most conservatives will emphasize, as the Founders maintained, that our rights come from God. After all, if He bestowed them, no worldly authority can rightly strip them. I also pointed out that it’s no different with marriage: “What God hath joined, let no man put asunder.” Once marriage was decoupled from the belief in its divine origin and hence unchangeable nature, it became a mere worldly institution — that the world could manipulate.

So it is with the sexes: What God has ordained, man can’t rightly change.

Of course, many today don’t believe that any of these things — rights, marriage, or the sexes — are dictated by God (or that He even exists), and this gets at a basic and unbridgeable chasm between traditionalists and so-called leftists: The latter assume man is just a cosmic accident and that rights, marriage and maybe even the “sexes” are mere social constructs.

This completely changes one’s mentality, for what can be constructed can be deconstructed. What’s more, “accidents,” cosmic or otherwise, don’t always turn out well (the word has in fact a negative connotation). Thus, often the results, or “consequences,” of an accident should be corrected — or at least perfected.

Ergo, the tendency to play God has typified leftists from the French revolutionaries to the Soviets (with Lysenkoism) to the Maoists to the Khmer Rouge. For what God hath not joined, man may put asunder — in keeping with his own will.

Unfortunately, the Girl Scouts-AHG divide reflects how our civilization is being put asunder. While the vast majority of Americans once, perhaps 100 years ago, displayed a sense of virtue explicitly the same, now the majority disagrees on fundamental issues. Consider the “conservative-liberal” divide. There are

  • two “justice systems,” with conservatives punished harshly for what leftists do with impunity (Jan. 6ers vs. leftist rioters);
  • two social-media standards, with conservatives censored and liberals elevated;
  • two corporate-America standards, with conservatives fired for expressing their views while leftist advocacy is fostered;
  • two “COVID nations,” with the vaxxed applauded and the un-vaxxed derided;
  • two school systems (roughly speaking), with conservatives moving toward home- and private-schooling; and
  • two media worlds, with conservatives seeking the Truth stream and liberals imbibing the mainstream.

Now, where most everyone once approved of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, conservatives and liberals increasingly even have different scouting organizations.

Some may wonder how long a country that’s continually bifurcating can hold together. Whatever the case, you know you’re living in strange times when the differences between conservatives and leftists are thought more profound than the differences between boys and girls.

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