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Gen. Douglas MacArthur: 'Duty, Honor, Country!'


Gen. Douglas MacArthur: ‘Duty, Honor, Country!’


Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Supreme

The Pacific Commander

(AP) During World War II.  (AP). 

Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur (d.1964), who was the Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific during World War II, and who was in charge of the surrender and post-war occupation of Japan, was relieved of his command in April 1951 by Democratic President Harry S. Truman.

When he accepted the Sylvanus-Thayer Award in May 1962 at West Point the five star general stressed the importance of adhering “to a great moral code, the code conduct and chivalry that those who guard our beloved land adhere to.” The code, he said, can be summed up in three words “Duty. Honor. Country.”  This is the full text and audio of General MacArthur’s May 12, 1962 speech.

Gen. Westmoreland General Grove distinguished guests and gentlemen of Corps!

A doorman asked me this morning as I was leaving my hotel, “Where will you be going, General?” When I said, “West Point,” the doorman commented, “Beautiful location.” Have you been there before?

A tribute like this could not fail to move any human being. [Thayer Award]….

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