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Franklin Graham says he won't endorse anyone for the Republican primary when asked about Trump's campaign


When asked about the presidential campaign of former President Donald Trump, Franklin Graham, an evangelical minister, said that he would not endorse any candidate for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Graham made these remarks during Tuesday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Billy Graham Library with Mike Pence, former vice president.

“I am not a Republican. I’m an Independent.” Graham said that he has been an independent for around 20 years.

“So, politics in America is disappointing to me. It is hard to believe the divisions in America. He added that “We need to come together to solve the problems we face as a country.”

Graham said, “And it just seems like there is so much division.” “And it isn’t just division, but it seems like there’s almost an hatred I’ve never seen before in politics. It’s very troubling to me and I believe the only hope that this nation has is God.”

Graham stated that he would not comment on Trump’s presidential campaign if he was asked.

He laughed, “I’m not going to the Republican primary or debate and that kind of thing.”

“I am focusing on what God has called and that is to preach the gospel. Mike, my former vice president, is someone I greatly appreciate.

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