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Stephen Curry, a former FTX spokesman who is now a Biden supporter, seeks to stop the construction of affordable housing close to his $31 million home.


Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry are the proud owners of a California mansion that is worth over $31million. They have recently expressed strong opposition to a proposal to transform nearby single-home acreage into a property that could house dozens of less fortunate families — families whose relative wealth may have been eaten away by inflation during President Joe Biden’s tenure or diminished in the FTX crash.

Curry, who endorsed Biden In 2020, he promoted FTX in his “long-term partner” and wrote to Atherton stating that he was hesitant to “add to the ‘not our backyard’ rhetoric (literally). However, a letter to Atherton stated that he believed that 16 townhomes of three stories would create “major concerns in terms both of privacy and safety.”

What about the details?

The Almanac reported that Atherton is seeking to rezone the 1.5-acre property located at 23 Oakwood Blvd. where there is currently a single family home. David Arata, the owner, is looking to build 16 townhouses.

These units won’t be purposed for very-low or low-income housing — to the reported pleasure of the Currys and their neighbors — because, per council member Rick DeGolia’s suggestion, land is worth approximately $8 million an acre…

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