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Florida man allegedly told roommate, 'I’m going to go over there and kill them all' before murdering his daughter and 3 others


Florida police report that a 36 year-old man shot and murdered four people, including his estranged child, after telling his roommate “I guess… I’m going over there and kill everyone.”

The horrifying incident started when a 9 year old boy from Canaveral Groves called his family via FaceTime.

Police believe that surveillance video recorded the sounds of several gunshots, and a woman screaming at around 1 AM.

The relative quickly drove to the scene while the child was on the phone. They found four bodies.

The victims were Kiarra Terwilliger (15 years old), her mother, Constance Marie Terwilliger (35-years-old), Glenda Terwilliger (63-years-old) and Michael Andrew Watson (63).

Two boys, aged six and nine years respectively, were found safe in the home. One of the children called a relative about the shooting.

Wayne Ivey, Sheriff of Wayne, said that investigators identified Domenico C. Gigante, 36 as a suspect. He was identified by police after a relative claimed that he tried to reconnect with his daughter, but she refused.

“I’m going tell you that this person is extremely violent with a very violent past.

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