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Farewell to Mother of Modern Feminist Cartooning


Aline Kominsky – Crumb, a pioneering cartoonist and great artist, has died at 74 from pancreatic Cancer.

Kominsky-Crumb was raised on Long Island. She remembers the pain and difficulties of growing up with her family. ““Sleaziness,” she wrote in her 2007 memoir. You Need More Love, created a general “postwar jerk family environment” that informed many autobiographical comix.

After years of art education in New York City and Arizona, she moved to San Francisco in the 1970s and began publishing her cartoons underground in comix. She was influenced by Justin Green’s pioneering autobiographical work. Her 1972 story “Goldie: A Nervous Woman” was published in the first issue. Totally by women Wimmen’s Comix.

Her story was a painfully honest self-assessment about her relationships with men and family. She also revealed her conflicts with self-image. Sometimes her figuration looked more like a doll than it did something real.

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