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Ex-Virginia Tech Soccer player can sue her coach for allegedly punishing for refusing to kneel in protest against social justice, judge rules


A judge ruled in favor of a former Virginia Tech women’s soccer player. She had filed a lawsuit against her ex coach for allegedly punishing the victim after she refused to kneel during an anti-social justice demonstration.

From 2018 to 2020, Kiersten Hening played as a starting defender for the Hokies and as a midfielder. Hening, a freshman, was present in all 22 games and played in 19 of them. She was a sophomore and appeared in all 19 matches. She also started in 18 of the final 18 contests. According to the Hokies women’s soccer website, she had the second most field time among field players.

Hening asserts that their relationship changed after Hening refused to take part at a social justice protest. Hening refused not to kneel in front of the team’s season opening game against Virginia Cavaliers on September 12, 2020.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported, “While her teammates knelt during the pregame reading of the Atlantic Coast Conference’s unity pledge — a show of support for the social justice movement and Black Lives Matter — Hening and one other unidentified player remained standing.”

Hening claimed that Charles “Chugger”, the Hokies’ head coach, launched a “campaign for abuse and retaliation” against her after she refused to take part in…

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