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State of the Union: The left makes another pass at a high-tech lynching of Justice Thomas and seeks to make an example of Harlan Crow.

I refuse to condone the malicious and unscrupulous attack on Justice Clarence Thomas. Instead, I will take the bait and get into the details of federal law. This seems to indicate Thomas was not required by law to disclose the trips he took with Harlan Crow. (Though, while we’re on the topic, the report does say that Thomas disclosed gifts from Crow early on in their relationship when they were not as close of friends).

The attack on Thomas and Crow’s relationship has nothing to do with accountability or neutrality or conflicts of interest. How do you know? Look at the Bushes, the Pelosis, or the Bidens. This is not a bemoaning of hypocrisy. It’s not advocating mutually assured destruction by corruption. As I’ve said many times for TAC, most conservative pundits scream hypocrisy when they should be shouting hierarchy.

One Twitter user with more than 80 000 followers…

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