Duckwrth’s Metaphysical World of Makeup


    Duckwrth’s Metaphysical World of Makeup

    The ultimate amalgamation Duckwrth exemplifies, though, is stereotypical interpretations of femininity and masculinity. Colorful eyeliner framed by facial hair; layered necklaces atop chest hairs. Is Duckwrth ever worried about being perceived as “too feminine”? He takes a couple of beats to go through what he imagines to be feminine. A jacket cinched to fit the curves of a woman’s body — that’s about it. If something looks good on him, whether it’s nail art or a crop top, he’s going to wear it without shame. “I’m at a place now where every year, less fucks are given, pretty much,” he decides. Ultimately, femininity and masculinity are energies, Duckwrth implies, and they only emanate from his look if he puts either intention into it. 

    Part of me is envious that Duckwrth was able to dive into makeup in such a playfully expressive way. He was able to navigate that world without the darker side of it — one of disguise, correction, and conformity I was raised on as a woman. When I tell him this in not so many words, Duckwrth winces. 

    “I know doing certain types of makeup can definitely make a person feel better, for sure. But, correct? Oh, that hurts,” he says. “Makeup is art. It is creation, the extension of self.  In this realm, it’s very mundane. In this ones-and-zeros reality that we live in, that’s where ideas form. That’s what I live for, in essence.”

    The next part of Duckwrth’s explanation might come off as some sort of spiritual TED talk at first glance, but he expresses everything with such sincerity that it’s not a lecture or even a sermon at all. “Makeup is the extension of ourselves,” he continues. “It’s the magic we seek, and it shows us other realms. It shows belief beyond what we see.” 

    For so many years, I’ve been looking for a direct way to explain why makeup is such an essential part of my life, how it helps me escape the concrete walls around me and reflect the colors I want to harness amid the darkness that often clouds my brain. It brings an alternate reality where I’m living joyfully to this dimension. Duckwrth finally found the words for me. Who would’ve thought? 

    Live in Technicolor

    Lea Winkler

    Published at Thu, 28 Oct 2021 19:28:55 +0000

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