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Douchebag ALERT! Christina Pushaw WALLOPS WaPo ‘journo’ who threatens her with an even MORE biased hit piece if she doesn’t cooperate


Pretty sure we wouldn’t try and threaten Christina Pushaw. Just sayin’.

Seems Washington Post’s news media reporter Paul Farhi kinda sorta threatened Christina Pushaw with an even more biased hit piece if she didn’t cooperate with him doing opposition research for the hit piece on her he is writing either way. She was good enough to share his ‘ask’ on Twitter.

What the Hell, dude?

Note, you’d think these journos would have figured out it’s a bad idea to send her emails, messages, etc. like this because she hardly takes any crap from any of them. That’s why so many of us adore her.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure they won’t be calling her an ‘austere scholar’.

It’s gross.

True story.

His timeline is a hot mess of ego and condescension … because of course, it is.


That is exactly how we read it as well.

What an a-hole.



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