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D’OH! Karine Jean-Pierre & WH Covid doc rendered speechless when cornered by questions about Kamala Harris’ CDC guideline violation


Today’s White House briefing naturally featured some questions about President Biden’s condition after having tested positive for Covid-19. Reporters wanted to know why they haven’t been briefed directly by the White House physician, and Karine Jean-Pierre informed them that they have heard from Biden’s personal doctor… in writing:

Biden’s press secretary was also joined by the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, and they were asked about Vice President Kamala Harris violating CDC guidelines during an event today. Dodging and stammering ensued:

LOL. Why can’t they just say “the rules are different for us, peasants!”

We’ve known that to be the case for a couple of years.

Their narrative fell apart long ago but they’re just not ever going to be willing to admit it.



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