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Doctors Discovered a Baby's Minor Injury. He was then taken into custody by the Massachusetts DCF in the middle of the night.


Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins were sickly three-month-olds when they took Sarah to the emergency room. Two days later, however, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, (DCF), would take both of their children from their home without the approval of a judge. Why? What was the reason?

Sabey Perkins and Perkins reside outside Boston, Massachusetts with their sons Clarence, 3 years, and Cal, 3 months. As Perkins later wroteThey are a family of four that enjoys taking their kids to the local library and park.

Cal had a fever of 103 degrees and Perkins took Cal to an emergency room on July 13. Cal had a thumbprint-sized fracture in his ribcage, which was discovered by doctors when they ordered an Xray to rule out a lung infection. Although the injury may seem harmless, doctors found a thumbprint-sized fracture in Cal’s ribcage. A DCF social worker was dispatched to Perkins, Sabey and their 3-year old son.

According to The Washington PostPerkins and her spouse faced maddening…

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