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Do young conservatives still care about the free market?


The Republican Party has strayed from its original commitment to free markets and small government over the past few years. While left and right continue to be divided on social issues, they are closer on economics with both sides supporting more government spending and protectionist policies.

But what about young conservatives? Is there a common fear among them about the unencumbered, free markets?

One of the twelve young conservative voters Reason Interviewed at the Conservative Political Action Conference(CPAC), a substantial majority expressed waning support of free market values. They preferred regulation, protectionism and cultural war to combat abortion, “wokeness” schools, “cancelculture” and globalism. 

“There has been a rethinking throughout the movement of the laissez faire–style economics. Zachary Wanuga (senior at Salisbury University), said that Republicans are now using more regulation to target them. “So, for example, Republicans support free markets but they are against breaking up businesses or regulating them. However, they’re taking…

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