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Desperate Liz Cheney DECIMATED for contradicting Jan 6th Committee Chairman who said they’ve ruled out Trump criminal referral – twitchy.com


Welp, it sounds like January 6th Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson said there will be no referral for criminal charges against Trump. And you know, since he’s in charge of the committee you’d think he would know best, right? He literally said so.

Rules out.


NOT SO FAST, says the wealthy, privileged, white woman from the state of Virginia … sorry … Wyoming. Seems Liz Cheney wants to milk this ridiculous charade for as much as she possibly can.


Sounds like there’s a little trouble in the circus.

Liz must not want to let go of the small audience they’ve had who are still desperate for Trump to go to jail; must be hard to admit she threw her entire career away for nothing.

How sad.

Anyway …

Silly American, don’t you know? It’s far more important to rehash and then rehash some more the Trump stuff because of democracy or something.

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

But we all know Liz and her ilk don’t give a single damn about the American people.

Gosh, people don’t seem happy with Liz.


Country over party and stuff.

Ouch again.

Let’s hope so. C’mon Wyoming.

Yeah, champ.

Not a great look, Liz. Like at all.



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