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DeSantis Announces Bills to Stop Biden Employer Vaccine Mandate


DeSantis Announces Bills to Stop Biden Employer Vaccine Mandate

DeSantis Announces Bills to Stop Biden Employer Vaccine Mandate
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday unveiled several bills intended to neutralize the White House’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employers.

During a news conference at Zephyrhills construction company, DeSantis announced his four bills, which would also call on the governor’s office to look into ways to create Florida’s own version of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as eliminate existing language in Florida law that empowers the surgeon general to call for a vaccine mandate.

“No cop, no firefighter and no nurse should be losing their jobs because of these jabs,” said DeSantis. “We have got to stand up for people and protect their jobs and protect their livelihoods.”

The bills, introduced Monday in the Florida House and Senate, will be considered during a special session called by the governor that is set to begin on November 15. The legislation aims to resist a set of rules published by OSHA last week that requires private employers with over 100 employees to implement vaccine mandates by January 4.

“We’ve got to stop bossing people around. We’ve got to stop the coercion. We’ve got to stop browbeating people,” the governor said. 

The Sunshine State is already suing the federal government over a separate rule that includes a vaccine requirement for federal contractors.

The bills presented by Florida’s Republican governor would create various exemptions that employees can use to get out of the federally enforced employer mandates, including an expected pregnancy, religious concerns, and health safety concerns backed with a doctor’s note. In addition, the legislation would create an exemption for those who have already been infected with COVID-19, as well as an opt-out for employees who promise to wear face masks or other employer-provided protective gear.

Politico notes:

Another provision would ban local governments and school districts from enacting vaccine requirements. The bills would also beef up a rule made by the state Department of Health in September that banned public schools from requiring student masks without parent permission and quarantining students who were exposed to the virus.

Businesses that refuse to follow the state law would be subject to an investigation by state Attorney General Ashley Moody. Employers found in violation of the law could face a fine of up to $50,000.

The bills would also block public release of any records detailing the circumstances behind an employee’s claimed exemption.

DeSantis’ announcement came on the same day he officially launched his reelection bid and on the heels of a weekend ruling by a federal appeals court that temporarily froze Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals came after a number of Republican-led states filed a legal challenge against the rule, which is to take effect on January 4. If implemented, Biden’s order will impact 100 million employees — about two-thirds of America’s workforce.

Last week, a Florida judge tossed out a lawsuit from several school districts that challenged the state’s ban on school mask mandates.

In his decision, the judge said the six counties failed to prove the ban was “an invalid exercise of delegated legislative authority.”

The Florida Department of Health chalked up the ruling as “yet another victory for parent’s rights.”

“At this point, the courts have been entirely clear: All school districts must come into compliance with the law and honor parental rights to make decisions for their children,” a statement from the department read.

Under the mask mandate ban, signed by DeSantis, over $525,000 has been withheld from Broward County Public Schools, and more than $190,000 has been withheld from Alachua County due to their mask mandates.

Under Biden, the federal government has heavily been pushing the vaccine. The United States reopened its doors on Monday to international travelers — but only those who have been fully vaccinated.

The White House is even deploying First Lady Jill Biden on a nationwide tour to encourage schools to open on-campus vaccination sites for children ages 5-11, just days after federal regulators recommended the COVID-19 shot for that age group.

Presently, the armed forces are cracking down on troops who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The Air Force has thus far discharged 40 service members who failed to get a coronavirus vaccination before the November 1 deadline officials imposed.

“Now that the deadline has passed, there’s a clear line to begin holding people accountable,” Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said.

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