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Democrats Give Us Cool Nicknames — We Owe Them a Few – PJ Media


Legacy Democrats, even perennial losers like Hillary and Beta O’Rourke, have done wonders for conservative swag companies.

Hillary called us “deplorable” and I instantly bought a hat with our new “handle” on it. Gropey Joe called us “Ultra MAGA” and I already have a t-shirt on the way.

I know these terms were meant to offend and divide us but as a deplorable, Ultra MAGA man, I love them. I think it would be rude of us not to offer a few nicknames back, so I perused some pictures of liberals and came up with a few saucy sobriquets for our left-leaning chums. Please vote for your favorites in the comments section below or, even better, suggest a few nicknames for the same commie-Americans we hope to avoid this holiday weekend.

NICKNAME #1: Toilet People

What else would you call this group of street commies?

I offer a Memorial Day shoutout to the barber who died, shaver in hand, while plowing his instrument down the head of the thing in the second row from the top, fourth from the left.

NICKNAME #2: The Unf***ables

It seems to me that the cretins screeching the loudest for the right to kill their baby a day before it’s born are themselves walking examples of birth control.

NICKNAME #3: A Tie! The UnChuckable or “Chuck the Cuck”

As someone who has spent a great deal of his life in New York City Moscow on the Hudson, I’m appalled that Chuck Schumer hasn’t been convicted of 1st-degree Dumbassery. Watch here as the Chuckster tries to pretend the lefty Buffalo shooter was somehow a “MAGA” type and the Hispanic shooter in Uvalde, Texas is a “white supremacist.”

NICKNAME #4: Urinal Boy

If I had FU money I’d have someone make a urinal that looks like this whiny prag, though honestly, I’m afraid it might give me monkeypox.

NICKNAME #5: Madam Incel

This woman makes me want to be a celibate druid on the Island of Lesbos. The World Economic Forum commies should look for a way to package this “chick” and make population control a reality.

NICKNAME #6: Pedophiles

AP/Reuters Feed Library

What else do you call a group of adults assailing school kids with drag queens, gender nonsense, and obscene, pedophiliac, gay pornography?

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There you have it, folks. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Keep in the mind the warriors who fought for this country and died. Remember them when the pinkos try to take it all away.

For more holiday chuckles, check out this funny video from my friends at “Jokes and a Point” as they tear up all things liberal.



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