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Dem Rep. Jackie Speier fights for gun control as ‘the only member of this House that is a victim of gun violence’ [video] – twitchy.com


Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier is an outspoken gun control proponent, like so many of her colleagues. What distinguishes her from the others is that for her, the crusade against guns is personal. Speier herself is a victim of gun violence, and it’s no surprise that she’d invoke that on the House floor during a debate about gun control.

What is a little surprising, though, is that she’d managed to share her personal experience and still come off incredibly tone-deaf.


Apparently Speier was so overcome with passion and righteous indignation, she forgot to double-check her notes.

Oh, yeah. Them, too.

There’s one name in particular that stands out to us.

Forget … or conveniently ignore.

Actually, it’ll be five years ago next week.

We have to assume that Speier didn’t forget about the attempted assassination of several Republicans during the congressional baseball game a few years back. If she did forget, well, she needs to see a specialist ASAP but that would suggest that she has severe memory problems and shouldn’t be serving in Congress right now.

Maybe just to be safe, she shouldn’t be serving in Congress right now. You can never be too careful.

As far as we can recall, Steve Scalise damn near lost his life. No way Jackie Speier didn’t know about that:


It’s more likely that they just couldn’t be bothered.

Yeah, we’re going with that.

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