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Debatt: Artificial Intelligence Needs to Be Regulated

Debatt: Artificial Intelligence Needs to Be Regulated

A.I. is not a trusted tool for government. Facial Recognition Technology

Affirmative: Ronald Bailey

Joanna Andreasson

Are you willing to share your location with the government? Why not? There’s nothing to be concerned about if you aren’t doing anything wrong. Right?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.This is possible thanks to the tens of thousands of cameras located in public and private areas. A.I.-amplified surveillance can not only identify you and your associates but can also track you using biometric characteristics such as your gait and identify clues about your emotional state.

A.I. technology has made great strides in many areas, including health care, transportation, logistics and energy production. While A.I. promises tremendous benefits in areas like health care, transport, logistics, energy production and environmental monitoring, there are serious concerns about keeping these powerful tools from being misused by state actors.

The report “Nowhere to hide” by Chinese tech company Huawei explicitly endorses this vision for pervasive government surveillance. Selling A.I. as…

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