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Deal or No Deal: House speaker edition


Deal or No Deal: House speaker edition

Whether or not McCarthy’s Wednesday night negotiations will get him the gavel remains to be seen.

We’re over the hump in this short work week, but the 118th Congress still remains without a speaker as of Thursday morning.

After Wednesday’s voice vote failed in creating a clear consensus, the members of Congress 118 voted electronically to decide if there would again be a roll-call vote to elect Speaker of the House. Around half past eight, the yeas led by only four votes. Congress agreed to return Thursday noon.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy met with his allies and some of the 20 remaining holdouts to discuss his bid for speaker. The negotiations between pro-McCarthy and anti-McCarthy groups have been turbulent. After the disappointing midterm results in November, it became clear that some members of the Republican caucus would attempt to stymie McCarthy’s path to the gavel and try to extract concessions. McCarthy was open to negotiations for a while, regardless of whether it was on House rules or the assignments of committee .

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