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Chip Roy and other Republicans seek to stop​ US funding of WHO


Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, and other House Republicans support a measure that would prohibit the United States from funding the World Health Organization.

The Washington Examiner posted a copy of this measure. It stated that the United States could not make any voluntary or assessed contributions for the World Health Organization.

Roy stated that funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to corrupt World Health Organization serving the Chinese Communist Party is an insult to hardworking American families, who are struggling under record-high inflation, as well as to all those whose lives were destroyed and destroyed by the COVID pandemic.

While Americans may be pleased at the possibility of cutting U.S. funding for the WHO’s programs, the proposal is unlikely to become law due to Democrats controlling the Senate as well as the White House. Roy has previously introduced the measure.

“The WHO does not only promote abortion and radical gender ideology, but also praised China’s leadership in the creation of COVID-19. However, the WHO has failed to hold the CCP accountable. It is past time Congress did something about…

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