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Chicago’s Criminal Irresponsibility

Chicago’s Criminal Irresponsibility

Chicago’s second weekend in April was wild. On Friday, April 14, hundreds of teens took over a beach and caused chaos. Reports of illegal fireworks were made, a 14 year old boy was shot, the window of a patrol car was smashed. The following day, crowds of Chicago youth decided to heed social-media invitations to participate in a genre of mob madness known as “wilding.” Hundreds of young people, mostly teenagers, descended on the Loop district of central downtown. Video evidence shows that innocent victims have been beaten.

Disturbing video shows terrified woman attacked by mob during ‘Teen Takeover’ of downtown Chicago
Viral video of part of the “teen takeover” of downtown Chicago shows a mob of young people surrounding and attacking a woman attempting to gain access to a building.
Chicago’s Criminal Irresponsibility

Around 200 juveniles were fighting in a small area, including just one intersection. They also vandalized shopfronts and jumped onto moving vehicles. The police escorted several pedestrians and drivers, including tourists to safety. A local TV station reported, before pulling out its crew from the area, that one man had been beaten so severely he needed…

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