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Charlie Crist vows to ban ‘assault weapons’ through an executive order ‘on his first day’ if elected governor of Florida – twitchy.com


Rep. Charlie Crist said in an interview with a local South Florida television station on Tuesday that he would ban “assault weapons” in the state of Florida through an executive order “on his first day” if elected governor:

Crist later tweeted to confirm that’s exactly what he said:

Keep donating, Dems! He’s only $7 away from being able to make it happen!

Banning “assault weapons” with just his pen would be a pretty neat trick. And, we’ll note, that on his website, he says he’ll “pass common sense reform” and mentions nothing about using an executive order.


Banning The Sale Of Assault Weapons — Assault weapons are a semi-automatic firearm, based on high-powered military designs, designed to kill people quickly and efficiently. We’ve seen shooters use these battlefield weapons to murder hundreds in schools, theaters, concerts, churchs, and city schools. We must do more to protect Floridians from these often lethal weapons and pass common sense reform.


Background Checks — From Pulse to Parkland to Pensacola, our state has endured too many mass shootings caused by people who should not have been able to buy a gun in the first place. Right now federal law lets dangerous people, who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing guns, have easy access to guns from private parties without a background check. As governor, Charlie will work to close these dangerous loopholes and require universal background checks for gun sales.

Crackdown on Ghost Guns — Florida has no laws concerning untraceable or undetectable firearms. Known as ghost guns they are used in crimes throughout the country. We should work to ban sales of partially finished receivers without a serial number, require serialization of those that are already in the community, and establish penalties for 3D-printed weapons.

Crackdown On Gun Trafficking — As governor, Charlie will work to end gun trafficking by cracking down on straw purchases, corrupt gun dealers, gun thefts, and bulk gun purchases. Handguns bought in bulk purchase are dramatically, 64%, more likely to be used in a crime than a handgun bought in an individual purchase. Limiting buyers to one handgun purchase per month is a reasonable, straightforward, proven way to reduce gun trafficking and violence.

Report Lost or Stolen Firearms — Florida law does not require gun owners to report theft or loss of their firearm. Stolen guns are often sold on the black market where they help fuel crime across the country. Reporting lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement would help reduce gun trafficking and crime. Reporting laws also help prevent prohibited persons — like career criminals, stalkers, and domestic abusers — from getting a gun. These laws also protect lawful and responsible gun owners from false allegations if a gun stolen from them is later found at the scene of a crime.

Of course, first, he has to win both the primary and the general election. But with crowds like this, we don’t see that happening:

There were more “media than demonstrators,” noted DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw:

Not that there’s much of a difference:



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