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Cha-Ching! Jeff Bezos’s Ex-Wife Is Using Her Divorce Settlement To Enrich Radical Left-Wing Groups


MacKenzie Scott is the ex-wife to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and has promised to donate her money to charity “until it is empty.” That’s good news for a number of radical left-wing organizations.

The billionaire divorcée this week detailed $14 billion in donations she has given to more than 1,600 nonprofit groups since 2019. Scott is now a major philanthropist in the world, surpassing Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Scott, who lined her pockets with $38 billion in a divorce settlement after Bezos ran off with CNN’s Lauren Sánchez, has said she would direct her giving toward organizations doing “transformative work” in the areas of race, gender, climate change, democracy, and economic inequality. Scott explained her philosophy in blog posts. She said that “a civilization so imbalanced is not just unjust but also unstable.”

Scott, who divorced her second husband earlier this year, has contributed to traditional charities like the Boys & Girls Club, the NAACP, and others. However, she also supports extremist views on transgender rights and Israel.

Scott funds the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, an advocacy group that aims to set legal precedents to…

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