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Canadian Pastor still in JAIL despite protesting drag-show story time


Protesting is a right in any free country — so it seems that Canada is no longer free.

Pastor Derek Reimer protested drag queen story times at a Calgary library, February 25th. Now he’s behind bars.

Reimer was seen being taken from the drag queen story time. The mayor of Calgary, Jyoti Gondek, then took to Twitter to complain that he hadn’t been arrested.

Reimer was arrested shortly after for “hate motivated crimes.”

Besides the obvious issue here — a man being arrested for protesting (as well as children being exposed to sexual degeneracy) — Gonzales takes the issue a step further.

She says, “I need more of you to come out and do exactly what that pastor did. You must stand up. This is unacceptable. I need you loud. I want you to obey all laws. I need it all to be peaceful.”

She continues, “But we need more people actually interrupting these things. And now these damn Canadian law enforcement officers have arrested this guy, and my people are going to think that that’s going to come in America soon. So, we better not stand up and speak out because we might be arrested just like that pastor in Canada.”

Ezra Levant agrees, “The…

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