Home News Buttigieg Traveled to Europe when Rail Unions Were at Verge of Strike

Buttigieg Traveled to Europe when Rail Unions Were at Verge of Strike


The September crisis in rail contract negotiations was triggered by Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, calling in from more 3,500 miles away. He was on vacation in Porto Portugal, a luxurious tourist destination known for its wine production. Washington Free Beacon he has learned.

Buttigieg flew quietly to Portugal on August 29, one week before Amtrak started cancelling all long-distance travels in preparation for a possible rail strike. According to a spokeswoman for the Department of Transportation, Labor Day weekend travel was “long-planned personal journey”. Free BeaconButtigieg, meanwhile, “remains available and engaged” from Europe.

Hot attractions in Porto include the 18th century Clérigos Tower and the Sé do Porto cathedral. Tourists can spend a day in Porto’s sister city Gaia to sample the many libations Portugal has to offer.

According to a spokeswoman, “As usual, he traveled on personal time but remained available and engaged in urgent issues which in this instance meant multiple calls and meetings with staff and stakeholders to address the topic rail labor negotiations.” Buttigieg returned home on Sept. 5 as the rail worker unions began preparing for a…

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