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Black Panthers-linked Marxist professor just found out that she is the descendant of a slave owner and a Mayflower settler — and can't handle the news


Angela Davis, a Marxist University of California professor, was awarded the Soviet Union’s Lenin Peace Prize. She was also once accused of providing weapons to a black supremacist. He then went on to kill Superior Court Judge Harold Haley as well as two other inmates.

The 79-year old identitarian, who is also a founder of critical race theory, was shocked to discover on Tuesday’s episode PBS’ “Finding Your Roots,” that she is both the descendant of a slaveowner and one of America’s early settlers.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. is the host of the documentary television program that explores guests’ genealogies. The geriatric communist was provided with a list by the Mayflower passengers. William Brewster was one of Davis’ ancestors and was among the 101 aboard the ship that sailed towards the colonies in 1620.

Davis seemed unable to process the information and said, “No, this is unbelievable.” No! No, my ancestors didn’t come to this country on the Mayflower. … No. No, no, no, no. … Oof. It’s a bit much.

Gates interjected Davis’ protest and asked, “Did ever in your wildest dreams consider that you might have descended from the people who built this country?”

Davis suggested previously that racism is embedded in…

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