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Biden's Education Department to 'immediately and permanently' disband national 'Parents Council' following parental rights groups' lawsuit


Fox News Digital reported that the United States Department of Education has agreed to dissolve its National Parents and Families Engagement Council. This was in response to a lawsuit brought against it by multiple parental rights groups.

According to a page now deleted from the department’s site, the Education Department established the controversial council to allow parents and their families to participate constructively in their children’s education.

The goal of the council was to have meetings to discuss “the various ways schools provide academic, mental, social, and emotional support” and how families can most constructively engage schools.

Al Sharpton’s National Action Network represented the council, along with Black Lives Matter Supports such as Mocha Moms Inc., United Parent Leaders Action Network and UnidosUS.

Fight for School, Parents Defending Education and America First Legal filed a joint suit against the Education Department in July. The lawsuit accused the Education Department and the Education Department of being politically biased, violating the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and other violations.

These groups claimed that the…

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