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Benedict XVI Has Died


On this last day of the year, news from Rome that Pope Benedict XVI had died. I feel grateful that his physical suffering is over. It was a terrible loss. What a tragedy. This man was a giant in the modern Catholic Church. He was overshadowed by St. John Paul I, the pope he served so faithfully. But he was a great theologian and, from his position at the Church’s chief doctrinal watchdog, he kept the Catholic Church strong for decades. I loved him, and we mourn his passing with deep grief.

Many of my Catholic traditionalist friends are deeply uneasy about Joseph Ratzinger. This is despite his resignation as Pope in 2013. It opened the doors for Francis’s calamitous reign. It’s impossible not to sympathize at least partially with them. If I were still Catholic, it would be possible for me to be one of them. But we honestly can’t say what mysterious providence was at work in this Great Refusal. One priest who knew Benedict told me once that Benedict resigned because he realized that his de facto power, while he was the absolute monarch Catholic Church, was not sufficient to deal with the enormous corruption in the Roman Curia. According to this source the aged and…

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